Shapes and Light

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This was my failed attempt at a value study today. This was the product of an hour and a half of work but nothing I did seemed to work. I realized I had gotten the basic shapes and proportions of the girl's face hopelessly wrong which meant that no amount of working with the light and darkness would lead to the result I was hoping for. But I am glad for these failures. Don't get me wrong - I'm not happy with the product but I'm glad for the experience that lead to it. These mistakes are the tiny blocks that make up all the learning I end up doing. Also, my mantra for this year is GTCO - Get the Crud Out. My favorite author Neil Gaiman's first thousand stories were crap, but look at him now.  If I have to get anywhere close. I have a shit ton more of crappy drawings to make and learn from. But tomorrow, I will make a slightly less shitty drawing from my shape lesson that I learned the hard way today.

Goodnight y'all, it's been a lo-hong day.


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