The Boy Who Stole My Heart Today

Can you help meow-t?

Dear Hocus Pocus, when I heard about you over the phone, I knew there is no way I wasn't meeting you. I anticipated your face all through the hour long drive filled with irate drivers, sometimes white knuckled passengers and the most beautiful Californian Sierra mountains rolling alongside us, all verdant and saturated a fantasy green. But all the things I anticipated about you didn't hold a candle to the actual you! Your shy but naughty feral cat curiosity, your warmth and affection, and the liberty you took with me, to let me know you liked my company warmed the deepest corners of my being. I hope you will be my little boy someday soon, and that we will spend many happy hours together as I watch you grow! For now, I'll see you at the dreamtime catnip farm and we'll frolic and experience the world your way. Lots of love and cuddles, sweet boy.


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